APRIL - Manono

A DREAM COME TRUE! For many years we have wanted to use Uttermost Witness as a mobile bible school. In April of 2015 the men traveled to Manono, a tiny island off of Upolu, and did just that! Before the school could even happen the men had to remodel the building where the classes would be held. After 2 months of remodeling they were able to hold the school where they taught Faith, Healing, and the Authority of the Believer. This school, taught completely in Samoan, was the first place to receive the Believer’s Authority translated into the Samoan language (a project that has been many years in coming). At the end of the two weeks, 43 students were saved and many were healed. All the Glory to God.


OCTOBER - Puka Puka

THE DOOR IS OPEN IN PUKA PUKA! In October of 2013, Uttermost Witness gained access to our first island with virtually no ship routes.  Puka Puka is a small island in the Cook Island Group with a population of 419 people.  On our first mission we delivered Humanitarian Aid to the community and met with the High Chiefs to begin discussions regarding the possibility of another trip in which Uttermost Witness could be used as a Mobile Bible School.  Positive talks resulted in a second invitation to the island.  The door has open for the Word of God to come in.  We are believing to do a two week trip next August and bring the message of Christ and the Word of Faith.  To be continued...


AUGUST - Pago Pago/ Tutuila

In August 2013 a group of our 3rd year students from RHEMA South Pacific traveled to Pago Pago, American Samoa and ministered in 2 churches there.  During the meetings 2 people made decision for the Lord and many were blessed by the Word of GOD.  On this trip we also refueled for our upcoming trip to Puka Puka, Gas prices in American Samoa are half of what they are on our island so we were able to fill the tank for $6,000.00 USD less then what it costs on Upolu! Thank you LORD!


JULY - Fakaofo

This island in the Tokelau Group, with a population of 483, opened its doors to us after we visited another island in the group last year.  During our time on this atoll, we were given the opportunity to preach the gospel message, minister to the sick and give an altar call for salvation.  250 People received the Lord as Savior and 12 were healed.

JULY 2012 - Nukunonu

We returned to this island with the hopes that the high chiefs had gathered the entire population (400 people) to hear the message of Christ.  There were about 120 people in attendance at the meeting and all of them bowed their knee to Jesus as Lord.  12 people received healing! We continue to believe for an open door to all the people of Nukunonu.

JULY 2012 - Atafu

The people and leaders of Atafu (population 524) welcomed us with open arms and gave us an official welcome and gifts upon our arrival.  In the meetings we were giving the opportunity to preach Christ, minister healing and give an altar call.  In the meetings, 295 people were saved, 102 people received healing, and 22 others came to the team for special prayer needs.  The people of this island were very noble and honored the Word of the Lord.  We are believing for students to come to RHEMA from this island.


DECEMBER - Nukunonu

After 2 years of negotiating to gain access to this isolated atoll we set a course for Nukunonu in the Tokelau group in December of 2011.  The seas were like glass for that time of year and we were very thankful.  The High Chiefs gave us permission to minister to the school children on the island with a population of 400 people total. In a short program we designed for students the entire school and the teachers gave their hearts to the Lord at the altar call - 90 People.  As we were about to leave the High Chief asked if we could do the program for the adults too.  We spontaneously set up in an open air meeting house just off from where UW was holding position, the water was so deep around this atoll there was no place to anchor.  About 50 adults attended the meeting and 40 of them bowed their knees to the Lord including the High Chief.  As we departed they invited us to come back and next time they would bring the whole island together for the meetings.  We agreed with joy!  On this trip a total of 130 people were saved.



Official Launch of Uttermost Witness in November of 2011 showcased the history and vision of Uttermost Witness to the government officials on our home island of Upolu. In this two day meeting we met with RHEMA Alumni/ Partners and Government Officials to share the amazing story when the Lord began to deal with us to ask Him for big things and how this tool miraculously came in through the generous support of Faith Life Church in Branson, Missouri, USA and Moore Life Ministries!  We were honored to have His Highness the Head of State, Tui Atua Tupua Tamasisi Efi address those in attendance.  We give all the glory to God for this piece of equipment that has enabled us to reach any island in the Pacific with the Gospel.

MAY 2011 - Pago Pago/Tutuila

We were invited to minister at the two main high schools in American Samoa in May of 2011.  A team of staff and students spent 4 days in Pago Pago which is a 10 hour voyage from our island. The team developed an Evangelistic Program for High School Students and gave an altar call.  In each school the entire student body accepted the Lord and many of the teachers as well.  We estimate a total of over 1,600+ people gave their hearts to the Lord on this trip.  The door opened for us to come back and teach in the high schools on a regular basis.  To be continued...


DECEMBER - Pago Pago/Tutuila

A three day Mobile Bible School on board Uttermost Witness in Pago Pago, American Samoa proved to be an amazing time as Government Officials and Ministry Leaders from all over the island attended.  We were able to share the vision plus hold a school on the subjects of Faith, the Holy Spirit, and Healing.  Approximately 50+ people attended this invitation only event - which is the full capacity for the ministry deck of the ship.  A great time of food and fellowship for all the attendees was at the conclusion to each day of school.  We are believing to work up to a 3 month Mobile school in Pago Pago.

JULY 2010 - Savai'i

Our third year class traveled to Savai’i on Uttermost Witness to completely remodel a church both the inside and the outside.  After they were done with the repairs, services were held in the newly restored building. 23 people made decisions to come to the Lord.  The pastor is now a graduate from RHEMA South Pacific and preaching the Word of GOD.

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JULY 2010 - Savai'i

3 Day Mobile Bible School.  About 30 people attended this Mobile Bible school.  We had to fight wind, rain and exploding toilets but finally won by simply not giving up.  Our custom tent ripped the first night we put it up.  Rain poured in each morning just as we were about to start, the men took turns holding up tarps for 3 hours so the people and equipment would stay dry. Sometimes you have to fight to do what God asks you to do.


NOVEMBER - Savai'i

The Lord instructed me to start having meetings right away, not wait until the ship was perfectly restored and go to the closest islands first. We were able to get the living room, kitchen, and dining room are ready for entertaining guests so we set sail for the big islands in our group that is about 3 hours away.  Our first Mobile Bible School was on Savai’i very close to the historic place where the first missionaries landed in 1830. We conducted a three day meeting and invited all the local pastors to join us on board.  We rented two tents and 50 chairs to hold the meeting.  53 Pastors attended.  Each day we had a time of food and fellowship after the meetings.  Many of the pastors had never spoken to each other and this was a great place to get to know each other, they laughed, and had a marvelous time.  We heard after we left they all beep and wave as they drive by each others churches now.  One pastor said after the meeting - thank you I have a message for 10 weeks of Sundays.

2009 NOVEMBER - Manono

Our second mission on Uttermost Witness was in November of 2009.  After a devastating Tsunami that claimed over 150 lives and destroy homes and villages along our coasts.  We were made aware of a small island off our shores that was in need of food and aid named Manono. We loaded Uttermost Witness with food for families to last for 2 weeks and delivered the Humanitarian Aid to a smaller vessel that pulled along side Uttermost Witness.  The love of God speaks loud and at this time people simply needed help and food.  It was an honor to be able to use Uttermost Witness in time of need for the glory of the Lord.

We printed Jeremiah 29:11 on the boxes in English and Samoan. “I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for good and not for evil to give you a future and hope!” The future is bright. We were able to deliver food to those families affected by the Tsunami for one full year.

2009 AUGUST - Upolu

Uttermost Witness arrives in Upolu Harbour on August 5, 2009. Tears of joy for a day that a dream came true and faith turned to sight.



With a population of 6 people consisting of a husband, wife, and their four children - we off loaded our food and donated it to this precious family as we made our way from Tahiti to Samoa.  Always leave a blessing in your wake... instructions from the Lord.  Yes Sir, for Your Glory!


JULY -  Papeete

Uttermost Witness is delivered to Tahiti by Dockwise Yacht transport in July of 2009.  Thank you to Curt and Eunice Duininck, Matt Landry, George, Donna, and Steve Bershinsky, Arthur Mulitalo, and Sesilili Pomana - the amazing crew! This group of 8 people sailed her from Tahiti to Samoa for the beginning of her service to the Kingdom of GOD. Reaching the last islands in the Pacific with the Message of Christ.


Kelly Duininck April 22, 2008 slips away to heaven at 41 years of age after fighting to do what God had asked him to do.  Well done good and faithful servant.  We vow to finish for you.

2007 - 2008 MOBILE, ALABAMA, USA

Refitting.  I watch my husband fight to do what God asked him to do as he battled ALS. He never gave up or missed a day.  Thank you dear friends Kevin and Adrienne Cooley for always believing. Thank you Harvest Church in Mobile, Alabama for all your efforts on the ship. Thank you Tim Jemison of Jemison Marine and Sonny Middleton at the Dog River Marina. Thank you to all who played roles in painting, sewing, welding, sandblasting, and electronics.


Uttermost Witness is purchased in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on November 1, 2006, by Uttermost Ministries/ Kelly Duininck for $350,000.00.  She was then sailed to Mobile, Alabama for refurbishing. Thank you Curt Duininck and Matt Landry. I would like to thank Willis and Joan Duininck for their support in refurbishing and transporting this vessel to Samoa. I would like to thank Keith and Phyllis Moore and Faith Life Church for their generous purchase of this vessel and never ending support of this project even after my husband’s death.  To this day they remain our greatest partner and source of inspiration in reaching the last places on earth with the Gospel. The Uttermost Parts of the Earth...


Kelly Duininck finds a photo of Uttermost Witness online, prints it out, sticks it to his office wall, and says, “Thank you, Lord, for our ship that we can reach any island in the Pacific with.”


God instructs us to - Ask Him for big things! We made a ridiculous list of BIG THINGS. A ship was on it.