At the age of 22, Kelly Duininck attended Rhema Bible Training College in Tulsa, OK to prepare for the call of God on his life.  The greatest personal heartbreak of his life was not to be able to work with his father in the family business, yet he obeyed God and walked away from all he had dreamed of for himself personally.  It was at the age of 23 that he laid his life down completely and accepted God's assignment, bidding farewell to all else.

After his first year of school, he married an artist named Pattie Moran of Milford, Connecticut on June 2, 1990, they attended their second year of RHEMA together in the Pastor's Group. Kelly worked in the Library and Healing School under Keith Moore during his time at RHEMA. Pattie worked in the graphic design department of RHEMA on the Word of Faith Magazine and other projects.

After Graduating from RHEMA, Kelly traveled with his brother throughout the mid-west.  Pattie remained working at RHEMA.

Kelly began to travel on his own in the USA and around the world.  His first meeting was at a small church in Canton, Texas with Pastor and Mrs Womble. They told some jokes we will never forget! Kelly's grandfather Henry was able to attend one of these meetings and this was the only time he ever heard him preach.  He told him a man has to do what a man is called to do and you have to preach.

Kelly was invited to teach in Samoa, August - September 1992 by Bob Smith who had pioneered Faith Bible College in Vaivasi -Tai Village he taught on marriage and the family and healing.

From Samoa Kelly and Pattie went directly to India to teach at what is now RHEMA India for the Thorat's.  During this time Pattie became very ill.  Kelly would take care of her and only leave to go teach his classes.  They arrived back in the USA at the end of November 1992.

Kelly traveled all over the world and the USA - He and Pattie returned to Samoa every year and he would teach for 2-3 months in the school that Bob Smith started.  

Our beautiful Daughter Anna was born on June 22, 1994.  At two weeks old she went on the road with us and never looked back. She grew up on the mission field and in the traveling ministry. We traveled to Samoa with Anna in 1994, she was about 4 months old.

In 1995, we returned to Samoa and taught in the school late in the year. Bob Smith felt called to go to Tahiti so we held a graduation ceremony for Faith Bible School at a Chinese restaurant and bid him farewell.  The people asked who would teach them now. Kelly answered that he did not know. We departed Samoa just as a major cyclone was approaching and landed in America just in time for Christmas.

We traveled all over the USA this year and for the first time we actually had money to pay our bills!  Kelly was pleased and was getting settled with the idea of traveling but he had enquired of the Lord if one day he could have his own field. In October 1996 in Minnesota, at Mac and Lynn Hammonds Church, God called him to go to SAMOA while he was in prayer one morning at Brother Hagin's Holy Ghost meeting. "SAMOA, MAY, TAPU" came out of his mouth. As he sat back in his chair the Lord told him to "Raise a Standard in the Word of God in the South Pacific." He saw in his heart exactly what he needed to do. When he arrived home from the morning meeting to tell Pattie the news.  She had just lost their 3rd child by miscarriage - they cried and told God that they would do what He asked no matter what happens.