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In May of 1997, as directed by the Lord - Kelly traveled to Samoa with his friend Rodney Albaugh to take steps towards founding a Bible School for the people of the Pacific. In two weeks time he got incorporated as a charitable trust, rented space in a building, got phone lines, PO mail box, found a house (shack) for them to live in, and met with the former students of Faith Bible School to let them know that South Pacific Bible Training Center would open its doors in September 1997.  They were all pleased and supportive.

August 5, 1997, Kelly, Pattie, Anna and Willem (in Pattie’s stomach) checked 19 bags onto American Airlines bound for Hawaii then Samoa.  Only one bag made it.  Anna broke her leg the first week they were there and construction took a bit longer then anticipated.  The school started September 23, 1997 with 10 students.

Willem is born!  The school has an intake of 24 students into the first year program and 8 returned for the second year program.

We held our first graduation ceremony in May 1999, and we were so pleased that the Hagin’s could come as our very first graduation speakers. After this they invited us to become part of the RHEMA Network of School’s. We joined the RHEMA network, built dormitories, and took controlling lease of the building.

For years Kelly just taught and taught and taught and taught in SAMOA.  Built more and more at the school.  Added a third year program.  WORKED and WORKED and WORKED and WORKED!

God instructed Kelly and Pattie to "Ask Him for big things." By this time the school is fully established and the foundation was laid. A three year inter-denominational educational institution recognized by the Samoan government.  

Built the Master's School for our children so we could stay on the mission field together.

In April of 2006, Kelly began to lose his voice.  After finishing the school year we returned to the States to receive a diagnoses of ALS. A few weeks later, Uttermost Witness was donated to the ministry by Brother Keith and Phyllis Moore and Faith Life Church Branson. Immediately Kelly began to refit the ship and tell people of the vision.  Every day he would get up and do what God had asked him to do.

Worked and worked on the vision of the ship - even in a completely paralyzed condition. He demanded to be gotten up, dressed, and carried around so he could do everything God told him to. He fought to do what God had asked him to do.

After two years of fighting Kelly fell asleep in Tulsa, OK on April 22, 2008. His last words were mouthed since he could not speak , "I love you".









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