Kelly John Duininck was born to Willis and Joan Duininck on November 12, 1966 in Wilmar, Minnesota. The Duininck family ran a road construction business that had been started by the grandfather, Henry Duininck.

Kelly grew up in the small farm community of Prinsburg, Minnesota and was raised in the Dutch reform Church.  His best friend was Barry Huizenga. During his childhood, a RHEMA graduate named, Jim Kaseman, came to this community and began to teach the message of Faith. Kelly's parents hosted a bible study in their home and learned about Faith.

He was the youngest of four brothers who are all presently residing in Tulsa, OK. Guy Duininck, the eldest, is an Author and Traveling Minister, Mitch Duininck is a Doctor and Medical Missionary, and Joe Duininck is the Director of RHEMA School of World Missions.

Kelly was an amazing athlete and participated in all the sports at Central Minnesota Christian School. He particularly excelled in Basketball and had a vertical jump of about 4 feet. Being just about 6 feet tall he could dunk the ball - head at the rim - dunk the ball!  He also was a singer, played the trumpet, and the piano.

Kelly gave his heart to the Lord at the age of 9. A dear family friend, Uncle Jack Bruggers led him to the Lord and that relationship continued to be very special between Kelly, Jack, and his wife, Nettie Bruggers.

At the age of 13, Kelly was at a youth rally and received the baptism in the Holy Spirit under Pastor Mark Thomas.  He had his hands in his jeans pockets in the prayer line and fell out under the power of God - (hands still in pockets). To this day the minister says he had never seen anyone fall under the power of God with his hands in his pocket and he laughs!  At this same exact time, Kelly received the call on his life to work for God. He tried to run from it for the next 10 years but the call never left him, it followed him wherever he went.

After graduating from Central Minnesota Christian School, Kelly moved to St Paul, Minnesota to attend Bethel University. During his time in University, he met Pattie Moran his future wife but that was not to take place for several years. Kelly played basketball for his first few years then switched over to football for his final two years of school. He graduated with a BA in Business in May of 1988.

From here Kelly attended RHEMA Bible Training Center in Tulsa, OK to prepare for ministry.